Kaira was founded by a GIA gemologist and her two daughters who have always had a great passion for fine jewelry. It was created with the intention of bringing people closer to the world of precious stones. Every collection is inspired by the world around them, their travels, their experiences and their emotions brought together in each piece of jewelry.
The high jewelry collection carries one of a kind, rare gemstones with very intricate handmade designs. For our custom bridal collection, all the pieces are made to order. A specialist will guide and help with stone selection and design process of engagement rings and wedding bands. Our ready to wear bridal is also made to order but easily purchased and accessible through the webpage. Encasing the most popular designs and a great variety of diamond options. The fine jewelry collection is our take on everyday jewelry. This collection can be shopped online and in the showroom. 

"We wanted to create a destination that was friendly and accessible,inclusive to all ages and occasions, timeless with an edge,while incorporating ethically sourced great quality gemstones."
- Yam

"We loved going through family heirlooms or purchasing stones to design and create new pieces of jewelry. We were never into fashion jewelry. The uniqueness of gemstones has always captivated us. One day, we decided to share this passion with the world and Kaira was born."
- Denisse

"It had always been tradition in our family to celebrate any big milestone with fine jewelry. This same jewelry was then passed down as heirlooms. We always knew how special this tradition is and we wanted to create this for other families too."
- Yamile